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In recognition of the quality of its coaching staff, facilities and commitment to the US Soccer Development Program, Vardar Soccer Club is one of only 63 clubs across the country to be chosen and it is with great pleasure that the invitation to participate in the US Soccer Academy has been accepted.

The US Soccer Development Academy was unveiled on June 4th, 2007 as a new program with the focus being on long term player development. The program is designed to extend the Federation’s National Team program, placing an emphasis on the development of the player by improving their daily environment. "After completing an extensive review and discussion across the country, we feel that it is the right time for U.S. Soccer to lead a change in the sport at the youth level,” said U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati. “We need to shift the focus of our young elite players from an ‘overburdened, game emphasis’ model to a ‘meaningful training and competition’ model. This will ultimately lead to more success and will allow players to develop to their full potential.  That is what this program is all about."

The inclusion of Vardar Soccer Club into the US Soccer Development Academy greatly reinforces its philosophy of developing players in the proper environment.  Vardar earned the support of the country’s national staff after an extensive review of the club’s coaching staff, facilities, philosophy and curriculum.  “We are thrilled to be invited into the US Soccer Development Academy and are committed to the US Soccer Development Academy Initiative,” says Vardar Executive Director Morris Lupenec.

For the 2008/09 season, the program is available for U16 and U18 Boys, the program is sponsored by US Soccer as a means to better develop players.  Vardar will undertake organizational and logistical planning over the next few weeks and is proud to announce Coaches Mike Lupenec U16 and Demir Muftari U18 will be overseeing the national academy program as Directors of the Vardar US Soccer Development Program. 

The inclusion of Vardar Soccer Club into this new program “follows suit of our philosophy in placing the competitive player in an environment where the best players are together as much as possible along with the best possible coaching staff”, says Vardar Director of Coaching Morris Lupenec.

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Playing With High Standards

Discipline is a key factor when learning the game of soccer.  US Soccer Development Players will be required to attend training 3-4x per week.  The season will run from approximately November to July, totaling approximately 30-36 games.  US Soccer Development Players will be rostered with US Soccer and are only permitted to participate in US Soccer Development Academy sanctioned events and showcases.


-- Gain proficiency in functional technical skills related to positional play

-- Develop a level of problem solving sophistication needed in making adjustments

-- Establish future goals and objectives as part of individual progress to reach higher levels

-- Gain exposure to quality players on a regular basis

-- Gain identification from US National Staff as well potential collegiate coaches

-- Learn tactical concepts necessary to adapt to game scenarios within the framework of competition

Overall Objective

Create a challenging environment by placing the best with the best on a daily basis and to be tested regularly with high quality level games.

Vardar Training Program and Training Themes 

Academy Roster Sizes

The US Soccer Development Academy allows for a minimum of 20 player roster for ages U16 and U18.  Only 18  will be permitted to play in the games.  Developmental players will be permitted to train with the US Academy League team.


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